Best Sport for Heart Health

Playing sports is a lot of fun and there are many health benefits that come along with being physically active. When a person is looking to improve their heart health there are some sports that can assist with the process. These are some of the best sports for heart health to keep the heart beating strong.



Swimming is one of the best things for the body and for the heart. Swimming is one of the best ways to get into shape and will help to work out the entire body. Swimming will also get the muscles of the heart moving. This sport is not hard to the body and anyone at any age can swim. There are a number of swimming races that a person can complete in once they get into the sport. There are also swim teams that a person can join.




Running is great for the heart. A person will strengthen this muscle and will get their blood pumping as well. Running has been shown to help a person lower their risk of having a heart attack. A person can train for competitive courses to further increase their heart health. There are a number of marathons that runners participate in. Some of these competitions are timed when others will go by the distance. Running will allow a person to have improved control over their body and they will even look younger while after they participate in running. Learn more about foot running injury.




If a person bikes for 40 minutes a day they are able to burn off 500 calories. This will help a person get into shape. People that are at a healthy weight do not put as much strain on their heart making it healthy and strong. People that bike on a regular basis will lower their chance of developing heart disease. Biking is low impact as well. A person can start off slow and they can increase their speed as their body adjusts to the bike. A person can take up cycling courses or they can train for a bike race.




This sport is good for the heart. A person is in constant movement and has been shown to help a person lower their risk for heart disease. A person has some fast movements mixed with brief times of rest which will allow the body a chance to recover. Similar sports including badminton are also good for the heart.




This sport will have a person in motion since they will be running and running quickly. Even the goalie has to work out their heart health. This sport requires a lot of endurance as well. Soccer will help make the muscles of the heart strong and will help a person improve their overall health.


These are some of the best sports for overall fitness as well as heart health. The heart keeps the blood pumping to every cell in the body so it is important that the heart is in the best shape possible. These exercises can help keep the heart muscle healthy and strong.